Have an idea?

“If you have an idea, active, or both and accurate advice to decide how to conduct investment, APRO can assist you to narrow your solution. For viability is advisable to design a blueprint and a schematic plan of actions that reveal the cash flow of investment and identify the technical risks and administrative.
Regardless of the size of the project, We can help you:
  • Search soil or local.
  • Planteamineto of technical alternatives
  • Preliminary and feasibility studies
  • Queries to the administration
  • Previous assessments
  • Negotiations with companies

Set a roadmap

Confirmed the feasibility, the terms and conditions under which each of the participants in the process should be established lprestar services
  • Definition of requirements
  • Rating constructive solutions.
  • Preparation of data for the drafting of
  • The necessary procurement management (Preliminary designs, p.basics, projects works,…)
  • Analysis of material errors or deficiencies Project that this could present
  • Adaptation Project to study possible legislation and administrative barriers future
  • Review of budgeted items and their measurements
  • Coherence between documents
  • Possible changes to optimize the construction and facilities referred

Steadily building

A good project Executive, tailored to your needs, It is the foundation of success for a good price contracting and risk. Establishing proper way to the conditions of each contract and / or supply, They used to adapt the work to change the requirements.
  • Planning temporary work.
  • Administrative management within Licenses.
  • Selection of subcontractors.
  • Assistance in the Works.
  • Risks in hiring.
  • Tracking documentary work.
  • Adequacy of alternative.
  • Economic control of execution.
  • Prices for additional or conflicting work.
  • Conflict resolution and contracts renogation.
  • Legalization procedures and implementation

Improving your assets

A good asset management eprmite proper operation of the facilities, optimization of resources and no devaluation of the same, flexibility allowing any change to different businesses or future needs. We can offer to:
  • Management contracts with companies.
  • Analysis of maintenance contracts.
  • Adaptation of buildings to new regulations ( PCI, CTE, … )
  • Integrated management of building maintenance.
  • Track maintenance performed and analysis of identified deficiencies.
  • Energy improvements.