Company Profile

APRO specializes in servicing all types of promoters company. We operate in industrial buildings, logistics, Hotels, and upscale residential and special buildings. We also work with franchisors and franchisees.

We work with your company as if its own technical department is involved, managing the design and execution of the work on your behalf. Thus, Promoter directs the evolution of the project, controlling at all times PRICE, TIME AND QUALITY.

If find it more comfortable, and always adapting to the requirements of the Promoter, We can commit to the comprehensive management of the work at a fixed price.

Mission and Vision

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Being a company that provides design services, and construction management for all types of developers and investors, ensuring satisfaction in all projects. Positioning in the construction sector with a total transpariencia and specialization. Be part of each of the projects that developers and investors want to develop, adapting our services to the needs of our clients and accompany them with their development, both nationally and internationally.






We have over 15 years of experience in comprehensive procurement and construction management, both facilities and civil works. The following figures support us:
Over 30,000m2 of forged.
More than 500,000m2 of enclosures.
Over 40.000kW electrical power equipment installed.
Emblematic facades, complex rehabilitation, large volumes of work executed quickly and other singularities have been successfully managed by our teams.